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About us / 公司简介
Dongguan Mentech Optical & Magnetic Co., Ltd. was established in June 2008.  Mentech is a privately owned enterprise, engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of magnetic and optical components/modules, quickly becoming an industry leader.Mentech has been committed to the R&D in the area of data communication technologies. Three key product lines are magnetic components, optical components and modules and new energy power supply systems. Our products are widely used in access network, backbone, metro, fiber optic switches, fiber optic transceivers, digital television, optical communication, motherboards, network switches, routers, set-top boxes and network data communication industries.Mentech has won lots of awards, such as: the company had been identified as the Private Scientific and Technological Enterprise in the city and province; the National High and New Technological Enterprise; the Advanced Enterprise Association for Science and Technology in Dongguan; the Top Te...
Applications / 应用案例
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  • •  Domestic LAN and Interface Components • Digital Communication World •In House PLC  •MoCA Application
  • As a leading manufacturer of Magnetic Components and Modules for the telecom industry, Mentech is closely monitoring all IC vendor requirements and industry directions. We always stay ahead of developments and listen to our customers so we can stay ahead of developing trends. The “MNC” brand stands for quality all round.We supply products for a wide variety of Telecom Applications including broadband, TelcoTV, CO/CPE and home networking. Our catalog products conform to UL, TUV and BABT requirements and to ANSI, ITU and ETSI standards.Do not hesitate to contact us if you require custom solutions to fit your needs.
News / 新闻动态
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!The New Year is always an exciting time and going into 2018 is no different. On behalf of the board of directors from Dongguan Mentech Optical & Magnetic Co., Ltd., we would like to extend our best wishes to the whole Mentech team, partners, customers and investors.  We hope that 2017 has been a successful year for you and your organization. Thank you for taking the time to interact with us, we are very thankful! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2018 for you and your family. For sure, 2017 will be a year to remember for the Mentech team, we conquered challenges and cherished new opportunities. In the face of a highly competitive market environment, we have maintained large-scale developments in the fields of optical communications, new energy and magnetic components and achieved improvements in quality, technology as well as the implementation of data management systems (SAP). In September this year, Mentech became a public company, which will help promote con...
2017 - 12 - 29
New developments in ICT and promoting the real economy
"In 2012 China International exhibition of information and communication (PT/EXPO COMM CHINA 2012)" today at 10 o’clock in the morning in Beijing China International Exhibition Center, officially opened the curtain.National Deputy Minister of industry and information technology Shang Bing scene made an important speech at the opening ceremony in person and announced the opening of the exhibition.China International Exhibition Center, Beijing officially opened the curtain, CCPIT, Commission, State development and Reform Commission and other related ministries leadership and some exhibitors represented.Shang Bing said, the Chinese Government has always attached great importance to the development of the information communication industry, continuous upgrading of the communications infrastructure in recent years, the Ministry, in conjunction with relevant departments covering capacity, supporting technologies, products, business innovation, accelerate improvement of industry lea...
2015 - 03 - 20
Consecutively will completely replace the hot melt fiber cold become the mainstream FTTH
9/14/2012, as China’s "broadband in China" started in FTTH fiber to the home fiber splice technology never stops the battle, fibre cold continued, owing to its convenient, efficient, and low construction cost, widely used in foreign countries, in particular Japan, and Korea, are large area using proven cold is practicable.And ’ after nearly two years of its application, the situation is not ideal, there are four reasons:1, widespread use of inferior Cleaver, fiber cut surface quality defects caused the scene.2, provision of fiber-optic connectors of inherent, that is, not all confirm connecting quality.3, connector manufacturers to make more plagiarism, on cold continuous awareness of the product stays on the surface, does not have a practical quality assurance system.4, large-area use of inferior cable, caused by fiber-optic cable in FTTH fiber appears in a scene of the worst environment sets out, tensile stress damage to the fiber core, or even breakdown.Fibre optic hot-mel...
2015 - 03 - 20
Micro inverter greeting development opportunity period
After the cold winter of photovoltaic industry in China, the national related department to encourage domestic PV market rapid development, introduced in a series of positive policy such as distributed subsidy policy, policy of compulsory acquisition and other renewable energy quota system, grid compulsory acquisition policy. Driven by those policies large-scale photovoltaic market in China will open soon.From a technical point of view, connects photovoltaic power station of the residents to the public grid does not currently be a problem. National issued "on doing the distributed grid-connected photovoltaic power service work opinions" after the national grid is also very positive response. Wait until the state subsidies, there will be a lot of money comes into the distributed PV market. With the expansion of the domestic market, the inverter link will directly benefit from the rapid growth of the industry demand. From a volume perspective, the most direct benefit from the d...
2015 - 03 - 20
Mentech Supplier Conference 2012
The first Mentech “Key Supplier Conference” was held on 8th Feb., 2012 at the Shilong Gladdon Hotel. 50 representatives from 20 key suppliers attended the meeting.The Mentech Chairman of the board Mr. Anson Yang opened the meeting, coming up with the idea “non-domain operators, compatible symbiosis”. Mr. Yang pointed out that from now on Mentech and the suppliers are not just the simple supply relationship, but through joint effort, we shall enjoy a business relation profitable to both of us. The QA manager and purchasing manager reviewed the achievement and awards considering, lead-time, quality and service in the last year. They clearly defined areas in need for improvement in the year 2012. During the meeting, most supplier representatives agreed that Mentech get rapid development these several years in both magnetic and optical industry and expressed their sincere wish to work with Mentech in the long run. All suppliers agreed to provide excellent products with competitive pricing ...
2013 - 02 - 08
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