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Anson Yang

Chairman of the board

Yang Dong Mentech company founder, creative and assess the situation and to take risks. He shoulders the formulation of operations throughout the company and the company’s overall strategic planning. Yang Dong has nearly 20 years of electronics industry experience, site management, products made of quality management senior experts. Deep attainments makes Mentech Houjibofa, also laid a the Ming general sound and pragmatic style, so Mentech inception branded on the standardization of the Indian.


General manager

Total King graduated from Southwestern University in 1992, served as the Ming-ordinary general manager duties since July 2008, responsible for the development of strategic planning, product positioning, the layout of the direction of market development, research and development, production, quality, engineering, logistics, and operation of the peripheral units to promote the company’s performance appraisal system, to mobilize the enthusiasm of all the staff, to create the maximum benefit for the company employees to promote the construction of corporate culture, the direction of long-term planning of the enterprise Foundation, the spirit of "professional carefully to create excellent philosophy driving the company’s steady development . Dear total transformer & electronic industry, such as the Pulse, Foxconn has accumulated nearly 18 years of management experience, who left in the FOXCONN brilliant performance was rated as the Foxconn ’excellent competent’, has a wealth of management capabilities, proficient inductance / communication transformer / power transformer / filter / Switch & Cable in the development, production control and related functional tests verify proficient stamping / molding / electroplating production process quality control.

Jibin Xie

Deputy Managing Director and Secretary of the Board

Thanks Vice President, graduated Yu Nankai University, economics Dr; joined Ming General company Qian, had long-term service Yu Guangdong silver new technology AG and has served as the company Deputy General Manager, and Board Secretary and Deputy General Manager and the prison thing, posts, currently served as Ming General company Board Secretary and Deputy General Manager a vocational, main and Manpower, and operation company listed work and company strategy development planning; thanks total have financial, and legal, and financial and the securities, integrated knowledge, on Enterprise listed operation has strong of professional background and rich of work experience, And have insights, familiar with the relevant laws and regulations and the workflow of listed companies, well versed in Security Affairs, investor relations and public relations management.

Royal Duan

Chief Financial Officer

Total: master of business administration (MBA), the Chinese Institute of certified public accountants, ACCA students; graduated from Jiangxi University of finance and economics, Nanchang University. 441 of China Shipbuilding Group Corporation Finance Department, accounting firms, investment group purchased of suning appliance, capitamalls Asia, finance, audit, investment work. 2011 join Ming Pu as its Finance Director. Comprehensive is responsible for company financial strategy and planning, and manpower leadership company of financial management, and tax planning, and investment analysis, and cost tube controlled, and derivation comprehensive budget management, and audit monitored and the listed Qian financial planning, aspects work; he proficient in national financial regulations, appropriate interpretation national macroeconomic policy, has rich of fiscal management and capital operation experience; derivation of financial strategy and the listed Qian planning has produced has active role, for achieved company strategy lay solid of based.

Martin van Stel

Sales/marketing & Business Director

Mr Martin had Arasor Corporation, as the Senior Operations Manager at the factory in China. Arasor Corporation before, Martin at JDSU and SIFAM light communications engineer positions. Ming-Pu industries limited overseas markets are mainly responsible for business development and international relations. Martin having a very rich work experience, both before and after in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Taiwan, China, the United States and other places. Martin has "technology management" business degree.

Mark Tan

Electronics Division Director of operations

Tan Zong in 2011, join the Ming General, Electronics Division responsible for operational management. Worked for Emerson and maunfacturing, has 13 years of electronics industry experience in operational management and quality management, familiar with the operating mode of the world’s top 500 enterprises, for the safe production, product quality, on-time delivery, cost management, and inventory management and the pursuit of excellence. Commissioner has TAM Shanghai University Bachelor’s degree in mechanical design and manufacturing and United States master of Business Administration degree from Webster University.

Ye Zihong

New Energy Department Research Director

1991 graduated from Xidian University, is a senior engineer of communication power supply. Long-term communication power production enterprises engaged in product development, product planning and management work, served as senior engineer, Development Manager, Technical Director, and has rich experience in development and application of communication power supply system. Over the past decade to focus on solar energy and other renewable energy applications in areas such as communications, has beenin preparation standards the number of power of the communications industry, particularly solar power applications and standards in power supply system of the energy mix, to promote solar power applications in the communications industry has made a positive contribution.

Yang Zhong

New Energy Division, Chief Operating Officer

Responsible for the overall management of the division operation. With a dozen years of experience in the communications industry, long-term communications equipment companies engaged in supply, product planning, marketing, sales held positions such as Manager, Director of sales, Director of marketing, have sharp market insights, while very good at using the performance and incentive mechanism in leading a team to achieve business objectives.

Kingko Cheng

Mold Division Director

Director Chen, Ming-Pu industry co, Ltd since the beginning of 2008 to join, as the mould Division Director. Prior to this, Director Chan has nearly a decade of Taiwan manufacturing enterprise management experience, as well as in the Foxconn technology group has a senior position. Has a rich manufacturing optimization and process improvement experience, familiar with the manufacturing shop layout adjustment,-promote JIT production model has strong capabilities and experience, to familiarize themselves with applying 6 Sigma practices to solve manufacturing problems. Director Chen comprehensive understanding of manufacturing enterprises make it a Ming General production management continue to enhance the core characters.

Danghui Wu

Optoelectronics Division project manager

Manager Wu, optoelectronics Division project manager, Photonics has many years of experience in the communications industry, and is committed to research and development of electronic devices and components. Manager Wu products for special applications, develops a single wavelength PINTIA ROSA BOSA and high sensitivity, and applied for patents. As a project manager, he guided Ming Pu conversion work has played a huge role in promoting new products. Manager Wu graduated from Xidian University.

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