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2008.06  established and launched MNC brand in Guangdong Province

2009.02  obtain patents and filing a national patent office

2009.05  established photoelectric Division

2009.03  through the OHSAS18000 certification and the ERP import, SCM, CRM, IPD enabled

2010.01  introduction of the world’s most well-known passive coupling optical device manufacturers AOFR

2010.03  through ISO14001: 2004 system certification

2010.08  successfully incorporated into the ranks of the Huawei qualified suppliers

2011.07  identified by high-tech enterprises and provincial and private technology enterprises

2011.09  built plant to expand production

2011.10  Division set up a new energy

2012.10  through TL9000 certificatio

2013.05        Ranked  53  Of  All   Private Enterprises  In  China

2014.07        Set Up Offices In San Jose,California  USA and Shenzhen   China;

                       Mentech   New Industrial Park  Built Up And  Officially  Put Into  Use

2014.12        Awarded As "AAA" Grade Credit Enterprise  In  China

2015.05        Set Up Consumer Power Supply  Manufacturing BU

2015.10        Identified As Informatization and Industrialization Benchmarking Enterprise In Dongguan

2015.11        Identified As large And  key Enterprise In Dongguan

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