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Description: •  Domestic LAN and Interface Components • Digital Communication World •In House PLC  •MoCA Application
Description: As a leading manufacturer of Magnetic Components and Modules for the telecom industry, Mentech is closely monitoring all IC vendor requirements and industry directions. We always stay ahead of developments and listen to our customers so we can stay ahead of developing trends. The “MNC” brand stands for quality all round.We supply products for a wide variety of Telecom Applications including broadband, TelcoTV, CO/CPE and home networking. Our catalog products conform to UL, TUV and BABT requirements and to ANSI, ITU and ETSI standards.Do not hesitate to contact us if you require custom solutions to fit your needs.
Description: Mentech offers a complete range of power magnetic for voltage conversion applications in a broad range of packaging options, from through hole to surface mount. Part numbers with “NL” suffix are RoHS compliant. If you need more details, please contact us.
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