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Date: 2015-03-21
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Highly regarded Contract Manufacturing Partner of several well-known global Brands.

At Mentech Electronics Co., Ltd. we concentrate on becoming the key Contract Manufacturing location in China. Our customer focus, flexible approach and experience in technology transfers and contract manufacturing has made us long term partners with several well-known global companies. We aim to continue providing practical, high reliability and cost-effective solutions.

We pride ourselves at our commitment to ensure total IP protection for our customers in terms of process and product.

To achieve this:

•We set up discrete project dedicated teams.

•Provide a secluded dedicated manufacturing location.

•Dedicated engineering team.

•Dedicated materials management.

•Process transfer management.


Additionally, we aim to provide complete visibility to our partners and establish a "colleague style" bond between our local team in China and the partner team abroad. We understand that building quality product will be key in receiving continued business and securing new business.

Key CM areas:





However, we review every new opportunity on a case by case basis, so feel free to contact us for more information.

In China our manufacturing space currently exceeds 60,000㎡ and is continuously expanding, holding nearly 3,000 employees in multiple locations around China. We have a mix of standard manufacturing work space, class 100k clean room space and class 10k clean room space. All clean room space is build with changing customer demands in mind and can easily be converted into the next class required.

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