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Micro inverter greeting development opportunity period

Date: 2015-03-20
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After the cold winter of photovoltaic industry in China, the national related department to encourage domestic PV market rapid development, introduced in a series of positive policy such as distributed subsidy policy, policy of compulsory acquisition and other renewable energy quota system, grid compulsory acquisition policy. Driven by those policies large-scale photovoltaic market in China will open soon.

From a technical point of view, connects photovoltaic power station of the residents to the public grid does not currently be a problem. National issued "on doing the distributed grid-connected photovoltaic power service work opinions" after the national grid is also very positive response. Wait until the state subsidies, there will be a lot of money comes into the distributed PV market. With the expansion of the domestic market, the inverter link will directly benefit from the rapid growth of the industry demand. From a volume perspective, the most direct benefit from the domestic demand rose shell be the photovoltaic inverter in the install link. The main reason is that the inverter supply locally, so the shipment volume growth will be equal to the domestic demand growth. It will be the part with the highest growth rate of shipment volume in all aspects.

At present, China in 2013, photovoltaic new installed capacity target has been tentatively scheduled, annual new capacity will be 10 million kilowatts, and may also further improve. The distributed power grid development policies of our country introduced before is now began to gradually implement. In Zhejiang province, recently five distributed photovoltaic station are officially begun to connect to the grid and operation. With the gradually extended from now on, the photovoltaic inverter, especially micro photovoltaic inverter will usher in greater development space.

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