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Consecutively will completely replace the hot melt fiber cold become the mainstream FTTH

Date: 2015-03-20
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9/14/2012, as China’s "broadband in China" started in FTTH fiber to the home fiber splice technology never stops the battle, fibre cold continued, owing to its convenient, efficient, and low construction cost, widely used in foreign countries, in particular Japan, and Korea, are large area using proven cold is practicable.And ’ after nearly two years of its application, the situation is not ideal, there are four reasons:
1, widespread use of inferior Cleaver, fiber cut surface quality defects caused the scene.
2, provision of fiber-optic connectors of inherent, that is, not all confirm connecting quality.
3, connector manufacturers to make more plagiarism, on cold continuous awareness of the product stays on the surface, does not have a practical quality assurance system.
4, large-area use of inferior cable, caused by fiber-optic cable in FTTH fiber appears in a scene of the worst environment sets out, tensile stress damage to the fiber core, or even breakdown.
Fibre optic hot-melt for the traditional route and the data center’s primary distribution equipment, is known for its connecting quality reliable, used in FTTH fiber to the home has a congenitally deficient, large initial investment, continued construction of low efficiency, high intensity, especially our entrance cable used is 3X2 cable,Fibre package review layer diameter 0.25mm, huge of line diameter poor led to shrink hot melt tube needs huge of power support, on battery capacity of needs and on melt received machine portable sexual of requirements of contradictions, and melt received machine operation Shi inferior cable of easy broken sexual, led to construction progress quite slow, even daily two a staff only melt received 5 households, on hot melt of complained led to around city operators and no large bulk procurement melt received machine products.Based on this consider, Japan live friends, and Korea day new also has launched has hot melt type connection manager, to tail fiber narrow to connection manager tail, hope through connection manager of structure protection melt contact, and used 0.25 package review layer centering to reduced cost, continued loss reached 0.2dB above, and to this products writes China Telecom standard in the, after using found, hot melt type connection manager due to fibre cutting preparation quite harsh, used domestic cutting knife or wear has of imports cutting knife will makes cutting failed rate greatly improve, even breakthrough 30%Above, while the hotmelt connectors are disposable products, consuming costly, device input, battery capacity and portability, welding machine the problem has not resolved, so in addition to outside carriers sell hundreds of welding machines, and no high-volume projects.
Is there a new product or technology innovation, continuation of high quality can be achieved, while the initial investment is small, portable, reliable, easy to operate, high construction efficiency products?In the 2012 optical fair in Shenzhen, we found the answer.
Most at the Optical Expo attract our eye is Nanjing cloud control communications launched fiber end face of machine and Jiangsu Yu optoelectronics, Inc launched effective inspection of optical fiber fusion splicer.
Nanjing cloud controlled show of DS-1000 fibre end surface processor has achieved production, has after tens of times end surface processing experimental, success rate reached 99%, and in low temperature-40 ° c, and high temperature 60 ° c of environment in the for has routine experimental; booth Shang tie cloud controlled autonomous research and development of third generation non-pre-reset fibre connection manager, shows has fibre cutting processing Hou connection manager assembled into end process, and for scene test, continued performance for average plug loss IL=0.1 dB, echo loss RL<-50 dB,Fully achieve the prefabrication jump UPC fiber connector standard, operation time is short, throughout successive time of less than 1 minute.
Fibre end surface processor of launched, thoroughly change has fibre scene continued performance indicators partial low, and reliability insufficient, continued quality by products and the construction conditions, and construction quality of limit, solution has due to inferior cutting knife and does not specification operation brings of continued performance poor, problem, Visual of fibre cutting quality monitored, and end surface amendment forming, for non-pre-reset fibre connection manager comprehensive occupation FTTH fibre continued area, even entered room application lay solid of based, also for operators saves has large numbers of games dimension costs,New era create a fibre connection, fibre cold instead of hot-melt completely become the mainstream of FTTH fiber to the home.

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