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New developments in ICT and promoting the real economy

Date: 2015-03-20
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"In 2012 China International exhibition of information and communication (PT/EXPO COMM CHINA 2012)" today at 10 o’clock in the morning in Beijing China International Exhibition Center, officially opened the curtain.National Deputy Minister of industry and information technology Shang Bing scene made an important speech at the opening ceremony in person and announced the opening of the exhibition.China International Exhibition Center, Beijing officially opened the curtain, CCPIT, Commission, State development and Reform Commission and other related ministries leadership and some exhibitors represented.

Shang Bing said, the Chinese Government has always attached great importance to the development of the information communication industry, continuous upgrading of the communications infrastructure in recent years, the Ministry, in conjunction with relevant departments covering capacity, supporting technologies, products, business innovation, accelerate improvement of industry leading-edge system, creating a good environment for industry development.

By the end of July this year, China’s total number of users has been reached 1.35 billion mobile phone users reach 1.06 billion, which 3G the user reached 187 million households, TD-SCDMA users exceeded 68 million while broadband network process forward, currently use 4M broadband product users and above 56% per cent, Internet users reached 541 million households: "in General, information and communication in promoting China’s economic development, improving people’s living standards,Improve multiple aspects of national competitiveness has played a significant role in promoting.”

He further pointed out that, current global information communications industry are is large development, and large change, and large fusion of history stage, industry innovation development, and technologies new business of introduced, especially and traditional industry in production organization and manufacturing process aspects of depth integrated, is promoting to digital, and networked, and smart of, and service into core of new of industry change, led entity economic towards new of development stage, regardless of on still is financial crisis Xia of global economic also is are is accelerated changes stage of China economic are has promoting important role.

"In stability growth, and adjustable structure, and promoting transition of target guidelines Xia, we to accelerated information communications industry fusion innovation pace, and strongly promoting ’ two of ’ depth fusion, and advance industry chain the links interactive, and effective meet masses increasingly growth of information consumption needs, better to played information communications industry in national economy in the of based sexual, and pilot sexual, and strategic role; while will active support ’ introduced to ’ and ’ out to ’, strengthened Enterprise Zhijian of international cooperation, in mutually beneficial total win of based Shang achieved common development.”

National Deputy Minister of industry and information technology Shang Bing





China International exhibition of information and communication has always been the Asia-Pacific region and even the world’s largest, one of the most widely influential international exhibition of information and communication classes, as well as industry views clash, the industrial chain of parties with the competition of the best stage, since 1990, has been successfully held since the creation of the first 20.

Use this communication exhibition China International Exhibition Center, Hall 8 total 11 exhibition hall and part of the outdoor booths with a total exhibition area of more than 45,000 square meters, has attracted nearly 500 units from 16 countries and regions participating.
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