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Mentech Electronics Co., Ltd four annual review meetings

Date: 2012-08-23
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On July 8, Mentech Electronics Co., Ltd all staff of more than 400 people were held in shilong Gladden hotel company anniversary review of the General Assembly.Company Chairman Mr yangxianjin keynote, General Manager Mr jingliangcai was the keynote of the how to be a good supervisor.Meeting chaired by Mr xiaopeigui, Director of the Department of human resources.Departments directors, Senior Manager at the venue sits in the front row.

Meetings starting from 14:00, which lasted four hours.Yang Dong from the company’s historical development, vision vision, product marketing, personnel training, corporate culture from all company made an analysis of history to the present to the future.Put forward the "we do things on?Is it effective?Self-what is positioning?"And so on, and asking everyone" the courage to play, her location decision-making of is do it yourself, do it; is your tube, tube well it ".I hope Members can reject "face cultural", creating a "harmonious, just and honest nature" corporate culture.

Conference was also played in the rebirth of Eagle films, alert you, not the status quo, to have a sense of crisis, to dare to break through, to be creative.Constantly bear in mind the company’s survival philosophy: never fear, always treading on thin ice, as well as the "only business, did not maintain what has been achieved by one ’ s forefathers or predecessors" core beliefs.

Near the end of the Conference, in total respect of the how to be a good head of speech, from excellent self-recognition of competence to become good managers must possess great qualities and so on various aspects of the analysis, everybody knows how to be a good manager and head of what can only be called good head.

18:00 meeting in music full of passion, heroic victory came to an end.

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