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Opening US After Sales/R&D Support Office

Date: 2012-03-29
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M van Stel
Mentech Electronics Co., Ltd
Business Development Director

Mentech Electronics Co., Ltd. is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Our international expansion is well on the way, which now requires international presence. Therefore we are opening our USA after sales/R&D support office in Austin Texas from November 2011.

Mr. Anson Yang, president and CEO of Mentech Electronics stated, “In this competitive environment, our team has performed extremely well to continue the growth trend during these tough economic years. Now the time has come to focus more internationally as well as domestically, and we want to give our customers the best possible service to support their business. Location wise, Austin TX was chosen as the first US location because of its central location. Additionally Austin has been holding, maintaining and growing its hi-tech status and nickname “Silicon Hills”. We are proud to open our first office in the US and hope our customer base will soon feel the benefits of this decision.”

Our Magnetic Component Business remains to grow and MNC brand components are more and more becoming a household name in the industry worldwide. We achieved this through excellence in quality and customer service. Components in magnetics include, LAN transformer, RJ45 connectors, Inductors, Common Mode Choke, Power products, telecom products and many more.

Same for our Optical Component Business, we have gradually made the transition from R&D focus to high volume production. Components include SFP, EPON, 1x9 Transceiver, GPON, TOSA, ROSA, BOSA, Analog optical modules, Fused Components, and many more.

So while we continue to grow fast, we know we have to continue to be a customer-focused operation. We hope this step is evidence of our continued commitment. Any questions, please feel free to contact us on .


Martin van Stel

Mentech Electronics Co.,Ltd.

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About Mentech Electronics Co., Ltd.

Mentech is global recognized supplier of magnetic and electro-optical components for a broad range of diverse markets, including consumer electronics, telecommunications, scientific and numerous of other applications and industries. To support our extensive customer base, we continually aim to stay ahead of Industry trends and developments. Mentech Electronics Co., Ltd. manufactures magnetic and electro-optical products under its own “MNC” brand.

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