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New Year Address From President

Date: 2012-02-24
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Anson Yang

President & CEO

Menetch electronics Co., Ltd.

2011 Has past and 2012 has arrived already. At this special time of the year, I would like to send my best wishes and regards to all customers and suppliers on behalf of Mentech. I also thank all fellow employees and their families for the hard work and selfless dedication with my highest tributes and respect. I sincerely wish them all a very happy new year and enjoy good health. 

Looking back at 2011, in this highly competitive industry of electronic and Optical Component Industry, Mentech has work hard to provide an 2012 blueprint that will continue our steady growth. Laying the foundation by adjusting business structure, reinforcing corporate culture, strengthening the enterprise internal management mechanism, and promoting certain research and development directions. Despite the economic turmoil, 2011 was again a year in which we experience remarkable growth. Combining with the state favorable policies, we seized the opportunities by technology breakthroughs and innovation. Mentech also set up a new energy equipment business group in 2011, this means a new growth area for 2012.

To satisfy the continuous growth in order volume from our customers, we plan to build another plant, further adjust the organizational structure and set up Ming-Ching subsidiary to expand the production capacity. Additionally to support our global customer base, we set up offices in USA and Germany at the end of 2011. These are just a few proud achievements by our team, through hard work and dedication.

The future for Mentech is prosperous, but our team knows it needs to continue to listen to our customers and work together for further growth. In 2012, we will insist on dedicated cooperation to continue to stay in favor with our customer base, further build our MNC brand and enhanced customer service. We owe this to our customers. We aim for the long-term development with stable growth. We are committed to provide first-class products in brand, quality, customer service and support staff in their achievements. 2012 is another challenge to improve further. Let us again cooperate to new goals and continue to grow together.

Again, I wish you and your families the best in health and prosperity all through 2012!


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