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GPON ONU BOSA with SC Receptacle,Macom DFB,CETC44 APD

Date: 2018-01-19



Connector:SC Receptacle

Threshold Current:<15mA

Output Power:1.6~3.5mw

Monitor Current:100~1000mA

Peak Wavelength:1290~1330nm

Tracking Error :±1.5dB

Receiver Wavelength:1490±10nm


Saturation Power:≥-7


Single fiber bi-directional data links with asymmetric.

 1310nm DFB laser diode as 1.25Gb/s transmitter.

InGaAs/InP APD 1490nm with 2.5Gb/s AGC pre-amplifier receiver.

SC Receptacle connector.

RoHS compliant.

Operation Temperature: -10℃ ~ 85℃

Compliant to ITU-T G984.5

MB371-45-N3-DI-BW is a high performance opticalsub-assembly .The transmitter section uses a  1310nm DFB laser supporting burst-mode operation. The receiver section uses a TO-can built in a long wavelength APD diode and a 2.5Gbps  transimpedance amplifier.

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