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GPON OLT Class C++ Transceiver SLG26-D6C

Date: 2015-05-26
Distance: 20km
TX Data Rate : 2488.32Mb/s
RX Data Rate : 1244.16Mb/s
Protocol: ITUT-G984.2
Operating Case Temperature: 0~70°C
Digital Diagnostics Monitoring: Yes
Transmitter: DFB
Receiver: APD
Voltage Supply:3.3
Applications: Gigabit Passive Optical Networks
The GPON OLT transceiver is used in local side of Gigabit Passive Optical Networks, and upstream datarate 1244.16Mb/s, and downstream datarate 2488.32Mb/s. The product is designed as Small Form Factor Pluggable package, can be used in system board high-density. The product is compliant with SFF-8074 and SFF-8472 MSA.
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